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Piper Gods V1 Kindle

Aramander and the Mist

Kindle version is available NOW through Amazon.

Audio book is currently in production by narrator Michael Allen.

Aramander Jones loves playing that harmonica his dad gave him so many decades ago: You know, the shiny silver job he’s always carrying around, the one without a brand name or in fact any markings at all on it, the one you swear you saw him drop in a mud puddle outside the Magnolia bar and pick up completely clean…

But Aramander has a bit of a problem. Something is after him.

No, it’s not hellhounds. He didn’t sell his soul to the Demon of the Crossroads. He’s not sure WHAT’S after him, because all his sees is that creeping patch of dense fog.

And he’s not the only one dealing with the strange and terrifying by any means. Aramander’s flight soon brings him into the already freakishly screwed-up lives of semi-possessed “ghost hunters” Dayla McCale and Tilly Vanderheim. Add to the mix hard luck monster chaser Mackenzie “Mac” Drayden, who has already learned the hard way that (A) weird stuff is real, and it’s everywhere, and (B) Mulder got off easy.

Guided by a zombie crab leg “compass”, the persecuted foursome encounter shadow beings, black-eyed humans and worse in a race to the Sacramento Mountains of New Mexico, where something ancient and mighty awaits a long-delayed reawakening.

The first installment in theĀ  Piper Gods novella series, Aramander and the Mist features one of twelve magical instruments that are being sought by–well, all kinds of people, creatures and stranger things–for the potential power they hold. Aramander’s mouth harp is but one of these, not that the 95-year-old Delta blues wizard has a clue about that.


(Above: Oldest known illustration of the Pied Piper)

The Children of the Pied Piper

“Lo, the mountainside itself split and opened wide, and into the darkness he led them…and the mountain closed again, forever separating parents and children…”

In the year 1284, the children of Hamelin, Germany, paid for the sins of their parents. That much is legend. Only three of that village’s young were not led away. One was blind, and so could not see to follow the music. One was deaf and could not hear the music at all. And one was unable to walk and so was left behind.

As for the rest?



Also hot off the cyber-press, with audio book currently in production:

Ghost Hunter Cover for Print


Revenge of Krakenstein

(The first sequel to Krakenstein vs. Koalatron)

It’s been several years since the squid-headed giant and cute-but-creepy giant koala battled to the bitter end in Santa Barbara Harbor. But it wasn’t really the end for one of them. (Yeah, the title of this sequel is a spoiler if you haven’t read the first.) The cast of the original silly-but-somehow-dead-serious epic is (mostly) back in a titanic tale of awe, mystery, and…well, as the title suggests, there’s a bit of a vengeance factor too. The secret discovery of an incredibly ancient “lost world” beneath the ocean floor triggers a series of events that threatens the globe as terrifying monsters are unleashed. From skyscraper-eating tardigrades to a creature with a mouth full of bus-sized fangs, horrors assault the world…

…and only Krakenstein can stop them.

But WILL he?


Blood Ridge

Two frontier towns share much in common. Hematite and Bluff Creek sit on opposite edges of a forest that lies at the base of a towering cliff that both settlements call Blood Ridge because of the crimson band spanning its upper extremes. Formerly bitter enemies recalling the Hatfields and McCoys, the citizens of both towns found common ground twenty years earlier…when the monster came.

Even today, no one in either town really knows what it is, the thing whose great clawed feet scorch the very ground itself–the seemingly invisible, lightning-casting terror whose roar rattles the rafters of Bluff Creek’s White Hawk Saloon: They simply stay out of the woods…and live to tell about it.

Or rather that’s what they did.

Until it started coming out of the woods.



One by One

A dark comedy parody of such classics as And Then There Were None.

Twisting the spirit of those timeless mysteries wherein a group of people foolishly gather together in a remote locale before being knocked off “one by one”, this tale of the secretly vengeful plays with the genre to every fun degree possible…right down to dissecting the moral imperatives behind such deadly shenanigans.