New in 2022…

The hapless Hard Machine didn’t win a game last year. But with a name change and a couple of new faces they’re ready to give it all they’ve got again as spring arrives. A nostalgic throwback to the unlimited “high arch” softball scene of the late 1970s, this Midwestern sports saga features craziness both on and off the field starring a bunch of twenty-something amateurs with something to prove and some wild times to live through.

Get ready for a tense SF thriller about bizarre happenings on a research platform floating sixteen miles above the Earth’s surface

More Super SF drive-in double feature fun!


More adventures with the truckers of Roads Unlimited


The Ghost Phone series escalates the thrills and mystery


And catch up on the first three all in one place

The Next Regeneration series, complete and jam-packed with daikaiju thrills and chills

On the way:

The Greed Bug

Special investigator Sandy Banyan finds herself tasked with figuring out how a string of paranoid billionaires have died with each and every one of them surrounded by Fort Knox-level protection. The victims have one thing in common…that is, other than tons of money. They all appear to have succumbed in a state of sheer terror. Videos can’t explain it, but the deaths are undeniable. Banyan will need to think beyond the tangible, and when she does she’ll find herself places she never even dreamed existed.

Little Women and Big Monsters

The third “strange western” features a more direct follow-up to the Louisa May Alcott novel Little Women than the simple borrowing of character names and personas in Little Women with Big Guns. The sisters head west in search of their uncle and find a town full of big you-know-whats. Following after Blood Ridge and Mad Sky, this one will be much more western and much less modern day inter-dimensional invasion, something along the lines of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies in terms of sticking with the premise and extrapolating into SF…because here at Fire Dragon it’s usually strange or paranormal or something…


Six Kinds of Crazy (six story NON-sf/fantasy collection)

In contrast to the general Fire Dragon sf/fantasy/horror/supernatural theme come these six short stories, which include a modern day homage to Rio Bravo set in a rundown/failed lake recreation community called “Hold ‘Em” and five other narratives that actually could happen even though they may seem unlikely. The idea is to skip ghosts, aliens, etc., for a six story escapade that’s more about the characters and plots than anything the world doesn’t generally agree exists.

Also on the way:

Bob the Interdimensional Trucker #7: Merchants of Day

It’s up to Stella Ryder and Harrison “Montana” Kirk to save Roads Unlimited from the vengeful Korros (a.k.a. “Shift”) and the dark cabal he serves.

Ghost Phone Episode 7: The Gossamer Incursion

Tyme Weathers and the other surviving protagonists from the first five Ghost Phone stories are tasked with the seemingly impossible mission: Expose the corruption of Hitchwood Contingencies, who are infusing human spirits into synthetic bodies to give them something akin to immortality–but at what cost?


Earth’s overseers discover an ugly secret about a world they’ve already terraformed, but the stewards who uncover the issue are afraid to tell the powers behind the planet makeover that they made a big mistake.

Everybody’s Revenge (Little Women with Even Bigger Guns)

The actual sequel to Little Women with Big Guns, wherein that creepy Invisigoth alchemist Pageen is back in a synthetic body to try to conquer the world where her former boss failed.