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All New for the Year of the Keypad

This year has been strange for us all, but for those of us who make up stories it’s been a unique opportunity to…well…make up a lot of stories.

What follows is a little tour through Fire Dragon 2020 releases. Figuring it best to just get all the works out and then update this website all at once, I am just now getting to the point of doing so here in the last few days of a year I’m sure we all hope doesn’t swing back around anytime soon. That said, FD output is still coming at you, the reader and listener, and there’s more on the way soon.
Now here’s that tour…
Think Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds–in the Old West with lightning striking from clear blue skies. The second in the Fire Dragon “weird western” series, following last year’s Blood Ridge.

R U Ready to Ride?

Twilight Zone on Eighteen Wheels – check out the first installment in the adventures of the daring if not entirely fearless driving team called Roads Unlimited. There be monsters here–and they’re not even the strangest things you’ll come across on these bizarre back roads. Covers by Kendall R. Hart. Audio book for this first episode is already in production.

Sometimes Crazy is Just a Matter of Perspective

A hapless motorist has a fender bender with a wild-eyed young woman, who ends up abducting him at gunpoint when he spots the dead Men in Black she has stuffed in the trunk of her car. A “road pic” tale of clashing realities. Audio book in production.

Fourth in the trilogy by a guy with a math minor

Twenty years later, Big K is still at it. But his gigantic flying mate Magenti hasn’t been seen for years, so Krakenstein’s “sidekick” is the stealth sub Moray 2, captained by none other than Shea Sanders–the tech rescued when Krakey was “born.” With a diabolical company called Evostar up to no good in the Aleutians, the former Max Shepperton is after them–so they recruit his vengeful brother and put him in charge of a shapeshifting cloud of nanobots. It’s Krakenstein vs. his brother Ult the Nanotitan in a battle for humanity’s future. First in the second Krakenstein trilogy, because there are plenty more cheesy Frankenstein movie titles to play off…and lots of titanic threats from a writer who grew up on a steady diet of them in cinema.

No Nemo, No Nautilus–but this sucker’s full of giant centipedes!

As Fire Dragon has been paying highly respectful tribute to the classic SF and fantasy movies of the ’50s and ’60s all along, it should come as no surprise that the genetically engineered “bug” attack would arrive sooner or later. With thrilling narration by Kaitlin Ciurleo, this tale of a farming community detective’s sleepy life being shocked into bizarre go mode by a horde of gigantic centipedes is one big modernized nod to movies from Them! to Tremors.

Confessions of a Scared Straight Cryptid Hunter

Nathan Lujan really captures the vibes of two distinctly different paranormal investigators as they recount their experiences actually encountering two all-time favorite cryptozoological entities–Bigfoot and a “sea serpent.” Both stories told in first person. Previous Fire Dragon “based on the legend” stories include “Imp” and “The Night Has a Thousand Wings.”

Call from Dr. Einstein–do you accept charges?

This one’s not Fire Dragon–it’s part of Night Sky Presents, a literary-and-audio “wheel series” wherein four writers take turns presenting “episodes” of their own “Halloween-themed” sagas in an ongoing rotation manner (like the old TV show, the NBC Sunday Mystery Movie.)
Ghost Phone is about average folks who get phone calls on phones that aren’t functioning–that old antique nailed to the pawn shop wall, that desktop phone from the 1970s that’s lying in the box in the attic, etc. The ghosts tell them to do things–and of course therein arise the various plots, which range from saving the world from a catastrophic physics experiment to stealing and even murder…because not all the ghosts are nice guys. Check out NSBS/Night Sky Book Services for this one and expect more installments to follow soon.

Close Encounters of the New Kind

Audio book out soon! In this alien contact-themed SF Double Feature, Number 6 in the series, a guy meets a strange motel…over and over. Then a young surveying tech from our distant future ends up in the middle of a tense first contact meeting between human colonizers of Mercury and the utterly strange natives of that hottest of worlds-but the big surprise is why those “locals” have finally decided to show themselves to the invaders from the third planet.

Collected for the first time in print…

the next-to-most recent batch of tales of the strange and wondrous

The third collection from Fire Dragon includes stories from Super SF Double Features as well as other Kindle-only releases, and with other tales from various anthologies is a great spot to pick up everything in print form. Of course it’s on Kindle too and the audio book is in production, so you don’t HAVE to get the print version. But that, along with A Year in the Borderlands and Playing With Reality, do provide a collector with virtually all Kevin Candela’s short stories up to the point of this book’s release back in the summer.

Be careful when you tell a little kid what’s real and what isn’t…

Because parental figures can influence the minds of the very young…and because the mind is beyond its own understanding…Kindle only for the moment but the audio book is in production. A short story, as opposed to most everything else preceding it in this “What’s New” rampage.

A Heist for All Audiences–Even Voles

Last and technically least is this humor-tinged tale of a cocky but very clever vole named Erno. Appropriate for all ages, but not too
kiddy-ish for adults, this short saga of Erno’s assault on a formidably defended tomato sanctuary covers but a single warm summer night. Hopefully it’ll produce a few smiles and…who knows…you may even find yourself rooting for the pest who keeps ruining your tomatoes.

Tour complete. That’s it for 2020.

Love to hear what you think of any or all of it.

Kendall R. Hart’s logo for the Bob the Interdimensional Trucker series. Say hi to Grip…he’s thrilled to meet you, and he hopes he don’t eat you.

What’s New from early 2020:

It is risen…

The Krakenstein Chronicles Cover for ACX.jpg

This is what happens when you love Godzilla and Gamera and happen to know better than to try to write about those beloved titans, instead creating a pantheon of your own in a trilogy filled with cool heroes, noble scientists, scheming billionaires and of course gigantic city-stomping monsters. I can only take half the credit for this one’s audio popularity because Paul Petit simply set the standard with his incredible work and voices here.


This, on the other hand, is what happens when you love science fiction and comics AND great parody and grew up with the Zucker/Abrahams/Zucker comedies…an unabashed yet far from crude set of tales of the only superhero ever with literally nothing to hide.

Nakedman Volume 1 Cover Wrap for Print.jpg

The first issue, “What’s Shaking?” is already out on audio with riotously funny narration by the fantastic Hugh Harper. And I just signed off on its sequel, which I think made me laugh even harder thanks to Hugh’s brilliantly over the top narration. With luck the third book’s audio will be out soon too, but either way you can already pick up the Kindle and print three-issue collection (cover wrap pictured above) and the first audio.

Nakedman Overexposure Cover for ACX.jpg

Individual Episode Issues (Kindle only)

Nakedman Cover for Kindle Premiere.jpg  Nakedman Overexposure Cover for Kindle.jpg  Nakedman Public Spectacle Cover for Kindle.jpg

The legends have returned…all in one place

Sinbad Forever Cover for ACX.jpg


…and last but by no means least in the “just out” category…


A millennium in the making, three years in the telling…

Piper Gods Collection Ad.jpg

And more on the way…


My Thunderbird

Krakenstein Meets the Space Monster

Krakenstein Conquers the World

Six Kinds of Crazy (six story NON-sf/fantasy collection)

Bob the Interdimensional Trucker #2: Shadow Legion

Ghost Phone Episode 2: Threadcutters


Everybody’s Revenge (Little Women with Even Bigger Guns)