Fire Dragon Updates

It is risen…

The Krakenstein Chronicles Cover for ACX.jpg

This is what happens when you love Godzilla and Gamera and happen to know better than to try to write about those beloved titans, instead creating a pantheon of your own in a trilogy filled with cool heroes, noble scientists, scheming billionaires and of course gigantic city-stomping monsters. I can only take half the credit for this one’s audio popularity because Paul Petit simply set the standard with his incredible work and voices here.


This, on the other hand, is what happens when you love science fiction and comics AND great parody and grew up with the Zucker/Abrahams/Zucker comedies…an unabashed yet far from crude set of tales of the only superhero ever with literally nothing to hide.

Nakedman Volume 1 Cover Wrap for Print.jpg

The first issue, “What’s Shaking?” is already out on audio with riotously funny narration by the fantastic Hugh Harper. And I just signed off on its sequel, which I think made me laugh even harder thanks to Hugh’s brilliantly over the top narration. With luck the third book’s audio will be out soon too, but either way you can already pick up the Kindle and print three-issue collection (cover wrap pictured above) and the first audio.

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Individual Episode Issues (Kindle only)

Nakedman Cover for Kindle Premiere.jpg  Nakedman Overexposure Cover for Kindle.jpg  Nakedman Public Spectacle Cover for Kindle.jpg

The legends have returned…all in one place

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…and last but by no means least in the “just out” category…

A millennium in the making, three years in the telling…

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More on the way:

Six Kinds of Crazy (six story collection)


Everybody’s Revenge (Little Women with Even Bigger Guns)

The Lost Radio (sixteen story collection)