Fire Dragon Updates


The COMPLETE Sinbad and Krakenstein sagas

Brand new and just out, each for $19.99 in print and only $2.99 on Kindle!

Audio books on the way.

Sinbad and Krakenstein Ad 1.jpg

Also Brand New in 2019

There were things far worse than guns in the Old West…

Blood Ridge Print Cover CLEAN.jpg

The Krakenstein Trilogy concludes

with an epic ten-monster showdown

Audio Book Release Imminent!

Bride of Krakenstein Cover Wrap.jpg

The Sinbad Forever Trilogy culminates

in colossal fashion

Audio Book Release Imminent!

Sinbad at the Dawn of Time Cover Wrap.jpg

Brand New on Audio Book – 1-2 hour thrills with great narration:

SF DF 3 Cover for ACX.jpg

This one is really catching fire! Seven of seven five star rave reviews so far for “The Find” on audio.

Well done Buzz!

The Find Cover for ACX.jpg

A better look at that popular new anthology with the commentary by the man who plays Legendary’s Godzilla

The Titan Prophesies Cover Wrap.jpg

And speaking of anthologies assembled by yours truly and now available on audio book…

The Doctor...Is In audio book cover.jpg

BUSY year – here’s the latest in the Piper Gods series along with the covers for the first four, all now available with the rest of the twelve-novella series on the way:

Destiny and the Shapes of Things Cover for Kindle.jpg

(All Piper Gods backgrounds are digital artwork by Roberto Guiseppi Antonio Polito)

Piper Gods Page Banner 2019 BEST.jpg

And if you’re in the mood for laughs with your thrills…

Nakedman Overexposure Cover for Kindle.jpg

What, you want MORE? Good. I want you hooked. Here’s a little of what’s up next.

Everybody’s Revenge: Little Women with Even Bigger Guns

Dr. Eliza Shandrach has vowed to put the world’s war machine out of business. Seeing as how she’s been to other dimensions and been a key part of defeating high tech invaders, might not want to write it off as wishful thinking.

Piper Gods Volumes 6 through 12

Here’s a little teaser of upcoming covers. Volumes 6 through 9 are already finished and undergoing continuity checks of the highest order to ensure that this sprawling and complex saga of music, magic and time travel doesn’t have plot holes or temporal contradictions in it. After all, wouldn’t want to mess up and knock off the same character twice like some blockbuster movies of late.Piper Gods Covers for Volumes 5 Through 8.jpg

Beyond these there’s also Terraforma, a futuristic story of Earth’s first “pet world” and the beings that keep an eye on it. And Different Reasons, my tribute to yet another Stephen King collection but focusing exclusively on comedy with four tales that I hope will be filled with laughs as well as intriguing concepts.