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Little Women with Big Guns Cover for ACX.jpg

So much fun it should probably have been illegal to write it. With apologies to the Louisa May Alcott epic, this ain’t it. It’s more like Buckaroo Banzai with an all-female cast…including the bad guys, the “Invisigoths” (former Visigoths led by the power-crazed Nihilani, exiled to a parallel Earth centuries ago and eager to come back and take over with their far advanced weapons and tech). Brilliantly narrated with rollicking style and pacing by Steve Wannall, this one is all action and swaggering fun as a teleportation experiment proves that time and space are fundamentally connected. Jerked from the past and future, respectively, frontier kid Liane LeCroix and Martian-human-cyborg hybrid Amee hook up with indie reporter Mag Tracer and the remarkably tangible “ghost” of brilliant scientist Eliza Shandrach and–despite being badly outgunned by the odds–end up as Earth’s best chance to beat Nihilani and her invisible, flying army.

Special Note: Little Women with Big Guns is oriented toward Mature Audiences.

Despite the potential double entendre nature of its title, this saga is for the most part NOT lewd or exploitative. There are a few passages that are probably not suited to younger children because they imply sexual aggression and “offstage” action of similar nature, but this story would likely receive a MA rating as a movie.


Sinbad and the Argonauts Cover for ACX.jpg

Heroes, monsters, wizards, drunken demigods with chips on their shoulder–This thrilling and fun-filled narrative by Bridger Conklin picks up the action shortly after the end of the Ray Harryhausen/Charles Schneer cinematic landmark Jason and the Argonauts: Desperate heroes, sneaky shape-shifting sorcerers and an array of strange beings and monsters all coming together to wrestle over devices so powerful that the Greek deities have even locked them away from themselves.

The first installment in the Sinbad Forever Series. Audio books are in pre-production for its sequels, Sinbad at the End of the Universe and Sinbad at the Dawn of Time, with Universe currently available already in Kindle and print and Time completed and ready for upload.

Special Note: Sinbad and the Argonauts is completely FAMILY FRIENDLY!

This is to say that there are no adult scenes, little if any foul language and, in general, it’s something that–were it to become a motion picture–would likely be approved for all ages. There is of course a considerable amount of violence, but we all know that is common even in general audience fare.


FROM 2017


Narrated by Stuart Gauffi, and I don’t blame him a bit for wanting to call himself gritty, frequently obnoxious Rory Mayne (the book’s storyteller, the Not-So-Cowardly Lion) for this twisted and often crude fusion of L. Frank Baum’s Land of Oz mythos and a favorite movie of the writer’s, Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid. Not only would I have gone by an alias too in Stuart’s shoes, but I like the idea of having it “Narrated by Rory Mayne”.

Special Note: Suggested for Adults Only

Unlike Sinbad and the Argonauts, which is family-friendly, and Little Women with Big Guns, which is mostly all-audiences as well, this one is NOT for the  highly sensitive reader by any means–but some tougher folks seem to find it hilarious. Crude and irreverent. You have been warned.