Adult Content Information

A lot of my works contain what is generally considered adult content. If you’re looking for things for general audiences, here’s a list of what you can pick up without worrying about censorship-related issues…in other words, they’re by and large for ALL AGES.

Sinbad and the Argonauts

Sinbad at the End of the Universe

Sinbad at the Dawn of Time

Like the movies that inspired them, these three adventure novels feature no adults only scenes. The closest to one involves the seduction of a demigod, but even that is vaguely described and brief…and intrinsic to the plot.

Krakenstein vs. Koalatron

Revenge of Krakenstein

Bride of Krakenstein

These are just a little bit more adult, with a few curse words and inferred adult situations, but by and large this is a mainstream (if bizarre) epic involving noble scientists and twisted billionaires with the biosphere’s survival at stake, so even when it plays as a soap opera–which it frequently does–it’s not racy like a TV soap.

Nakedman: Uncomfortable Tales of Epic Adventure: Volume 1, Issue 1: “What’s Shaking?”

Nakedman: Uncomfortable Tales of Epic Adventure: Volume 1, Issue 2: “Overexposure”

Yes, the hero of these novellas runs around stark naked. But it’s strictly played for laughs and non-descriptive and focuses on the inherent humor of an everyman who has to strip to become the superman the world needs.

The Find

The Night Has A Thousand Wings: Based on the Legend of the Missouri Flying Humanoid

Super SF Double Feature: Lost Horizons Travel Agency and Suckers

The Ether Bunny

THIS stuff is really just for adults, although that certainly doesn’t mean that any of it is crude or vulgar…it simply has moments that they invented the ratings system to cover.

“Mature audiences” fare:

Blood Ridge

Weedeaters: The Complete Acropalypse

Super SF Double Feature: Children of the Coming World and Mars One

Super SF Double Feature: Shore Leave and Rasputin and Fulcanelli Ain’t Dead

The Oz Files (sorry, I know it’s about a kid’s story, but this is a bizarro adult crime noir mystery parody a la my favorite Steve Martin movie, Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid)

Mushroom Summer

The Ballad of Chalice Rayne

Dragon’s Game

A Year in the Borderlands

Playing With Reality

Even more adult:

It’s Only Funny If You Laugh: The Haunting of the Midlands Amusement Park

Imp: Based on the Legend of the Pukwudgie

Little Women With Big Guns

Ghost Hunter

The Piper Gods Series