Nakedman: The Adventure Begins

Nakedman Cover for Kindle.jpgIn classic comic book form, here is the first installment in the “Uncomfortable Tales of Epic Adventure” series. Race Harleson, a.k.a. Nakedman, can fly. He has super strength and he is really hard to damage…

…that is, as long as he is stark naked.

The very definition of a reluctant hero, our cape-less crusader faces off against his greatest nemesis, Space Invader, once more as the deranged genius unleashes upon Barefield City a ray that removes the rigidity inherent in steel and concrete. But as it turns out, Space Invader isn’t even the real problem, for his diabolical “building rubberizing” device has awakened something beneath the city itself–something so destructive that even the supervillain is terrified.

A Kindle-only release, Nakedman will soon be available in audio book form as well. And that sticker on the cover is truth in advertising – only 99 cents!

Cover artwork by Michael Minetree, colorized and titled by Kevin Candela.