Sinbad Forever – The Legends Meet


Sinbad Forever Cover for ACX.jpg

Available on Kindle, in print and on audio book…the entire trilogy, together and separately

Sinbad and the Argonauts Cover for ACX.jpg

Sinbad and crew meet Jason and the Argonauts and encounter ancient demons, crazed deities and more on the way to the most mysterious of islands, where the gods have locked dangerous things away…even from themselves!

Sinbad at the End of the Universe Cover for ACX.jpg

Searching for his father, Sinbad crosses the greatest of all seas…the cosmos itself. But he’s not the only one seeking the “first” Sinbad–a diabolical mage with fearsome powers is equally determined to find him, albeit for far darker reasons.

Sinbad at the Dawn of Time Cover for ACX.jpg

Cast back to the Triassic Era, Sinbad and his now intergalactic little crew must survive and somehow find their way back to their modern day in order to prevent the primordial deity Sin from storming Olympus and beyond.

Featuring stunning cover art by Kendall R. Hart and thrilling narration by Bridger Conklin–journey across time, space and reality itself with the greatest “mythical” adventurers of all time.