Heroes of the Indie World

Great friends and talents!

Roma Gray


Paying Roma back for all kinds of valuable advice over the past couple of years, Kevin Candela put together the covers for over half of these books. BUT the stories are all hers, and she’s a great storyteller. Recommended? For those wanting a long run saga, start with The Hunted Tribe (bottom right), because it’s a great, unique concept and the first installment in an entire series of books about that creepy thing on the cover. For more immediate horror thrills, go for the short books (Kindle only, but audio versions in work) in the top row.

She also edits. And she is working on non-fiction releases as well, most of them focused on finding your way in the  new world of independent publishing.


Kent Hill


Candela’s eastern hemisphere counterpart in their “global cabal”, Kent is the man behind KHP/Kent Hill Productions, doing everything but editing, formatting and cover assembly (and sometimes he even makes the covers!) Very active on the podcasting scene, he manages to land interviews with cinematic greats past, present and future at an almost astonishing rate. Kent knows movies like few others, and his Podcasting Them Softly installments are fascinating. But he’s also a prolific writer, putting out everything from collections of often hilarious (and always heartfelt) poetry to unique smile-inducing adventures like Deathmaster, Hercules with a Shotgun, Zombie Park and Alien Smut Peddlers from the Future.





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