Now Hear This! About the Audiobook Narrators


Narrator Stuart Gauffi Presents:

The Oz Files (as “Rory Mayne”)

The Night Has A Thousand Wings: Based on the Story of the Missouri Flying Humanoid

Narrator Karl A. Nordman Presents:

Weedeaters: The Complete Acropalypse

Narrator Paul-Alexandre Petit Presents:

Krakenstein vs. Koalatron

Revenge of Krakenstein

Narrator Gary Bennett Presents:

A Year in the Borderlands

Playing With Reality

Imp (novella)

The Ether Bunny

It’s Only Funny If You Laugh: The Haunting of the Midlands Amusement Park

Super SF Double Feature: Lost Horizons Travel Agency and Suckers

Super SF Double Feature: Shore Leave and Rasputin and Fulcanelli Ain’t Dead

Narrator Scott Wannall Presents:

Little Women with Big Guns

Narrator Robert Hugh Harper Presents:

Nakedman: Uncomfortable Tales of Epic Adventure

Volume 1: What’s Shaking? (novella)

Narrator Bridger Conklin/BCV Studio Presents:

Sinbad and the Argonauts

Sinbad at the End of the Universe

Narrator Allen Grunerud Presents:

Super SF Double Feature: Children of the Coming World and Mars One

Narrator Buzz Blackburn Presents:

The Find

Narrator Michael Allen Presents:

Piper Gods Volume 1: Aramander and the Mist