The Dragon’s Game Trilogy

You know that phrase “high concept”? It applies to stories and sagas that can be summed up easily. The Dragon’s Game Trilogy is the opposite of that. A complex and expansive narrative of global struggles for freedom on two worlds separated by space and time, the DGT is unlike anything you’ve ever read or–thanks to the extremely impressive voice talents of Wayne Keller III–heard. Check out the book descriptions on Amazon–it’ll save you time over reading all about them here. Suffice it to say that the 300,000 word trilogy features over fifty significant characters and just about everything wild, weird and paranormal under not just our sun but another one across the galaxy as well.

Mushroom Summer is available on Audible.

The first book, written in 1999-2001

The Ballad of Chalice Rayne is in review for audio book release.

The second book, written in 2001 to 2006
The third book, written in 2006 to 2011

Dragon’s Game will come out on audio later this year (2022.)