Radio Theater for the 21st Century

42 and counting. That’s right, in addition to the seventeen new audio books from Fire Dragon/Kevin Candela this year, there are twenty-five others available as well for a Douglas Adams tribute tally of…well, you know. Of course there are more on the way, so the number isn’t permanent. But hey, if you dig audio and stories about things that aren’t ordinary, check out this new library of thrills, chills and thought provoking weirdness.

 Other audio books by Kevin Candela with narration as noted

Krakenstein vs. Koalatron, Revenge of Krakenstein, Bride of Krakenstein, The Krakenstein Chronicles – all narrated by Paul-Alexandre Petit

Sinbad and the Argonauts, Sinbad at the End of the Universe, Sinbad at the Dawn of Time and Sinbad Forever – all narrated by Bridger Conklin/BCV Studios

Little Women with Big Guns – narrated by Steve Wannall

The Oz Files – (narrated by “Rory Mayne”) and The Night Has a Thousand Wings – both narrated by Stuart Gauffi

Weedeaters: The Complete Acropalypse – narrated by Karl A. Nordman

A Year in the Borderlands, Imp, The Ether Bunny, Super SF Double Feature 1: Suckers and Lost Horizons Travel Agency, Super SF Double Feature 2: Shore Leave and Rasputin and Fulcanelli Ain’t Dead, and It’s Only Funny If You Laugh – all narrated by Gary Bennett

Super SF Double Feature 3: Children of the Coming World and Mars One – narrated by Allen Grunerud

Super SF Double Feature 4: Vapor and Chiller – narrated by Benjamin Prickett

Super SF Double Feature 5: Beneath Still Waters and The Bigfoot Workout Plan – narrated by Nathan Lujan

The Piper Gods Volume 1: Aramander and the Mist – narrated by Michael Allen

Twenty Thousand Legs Under the Street – narrated by Kaitlin Ciurleo

Nakedman: Uncomfortable Tales of Epic Adventure – “What’s Shaking?” (Issue 1), “Overexposure” (Issue 2) – narrated by Robert Hugh Harper