Radio Theater for the 21st Century

This page is dedicated to the AUDIO BOOK versions of short stories and novellas. Those already released and available are as follows:

Imp ACX Cover.jpg


You could call this one Don’t Mess with Legendary Creatures, Volume 1. First in the “Based on the Legend” Series of shorts and novellas. A harrowing personal account of what can happen when you try to capture a piece of the supernatural universe. An early top seller but plenty of credit for that has to go to narrator Gary Bennett’s spine-chilling performance.


Ether Bunny Cover for ACX.jpg

Poor Todd Markway was born on February 29th, Leap Year Day. Not a big deal otherwise, just celebrate your birthday on the 28th or March 1st three times out of four, right? Wrong. Those born on that rare date are destined to face the Hat Man, a legendary dark force that seeks to destroy its greatest threats…kids like Todd Markway. He made it through his fourth and eighth birthdays courtesy of a pet bunny that was much more than that, but the bunny has since passed and Todd faces his twelfth birthday–the Hat Man’s last shot at him–alone. Another spooky narrative courtesy of Gary Bennett.


The Night Has a Thousand Wings Cover for ACX.jpg

Second in the “Based on the Legend” series, this one follows a quartet of daring “monster hunters” determined to bring back the body of one of the cheery-looking critters pictured on the cover. This particular Scooby Gang is in WAY over their heads. They just don’t know it yet. Edge-of-your-seat suspense courtesy of ace narrator Stuart Gauffi.



It’s Only Funny If You Laugh: The Haunting of the Midlands Amusement Park

(Time travel, ghost clowns, heck

…even the cotton candy’s probably cursed.)

Narrated by Gary Bennett