New Stuff

Didn’t want to get too fancy with this page title. The idea is that since there are quite a few pages here now, I figured it might be easier to just have a “What’s New” page rather than to just keep adding to the home page or one of the others that already have plenty to read. Would sort of feel like I’m creating my own Facebook feed and letting older stuff slide down into Nobodyscrollsthatfarland. So expect the newest of the new here, although when it fits another existing page on the site it will probably end up there later so that this page can be brief enough to scan without extensive time investment on the reader’s part.

KINDLE and PRINT update

So far in 2020 the sixth and seventh installments of the Piper Gods series are already out on Kindle, with the remaining five to join them in the next few months on an “every couple of weeks” schedule.

AUDIBLE update

On audio, even though it’s only February the books have been coming fast. Super SF Double Feature 4: Vapor and Chiller and the ultimate Sinbad Forever collection featuring all three of his galaxy-crossing, time-hopping adventures should both be out soon (although remember that you can already read and hear all three Sinbad Forever series novels individually if you can’t wait on the latter.) When available, they will join the Krakenstein Chronicles as 2020 audio book releases.

(Speaking of the Krakenstein trilogy, it seems to have caught fire a bit of late and the writer sincerely thanks who or whatever cosmic forces have deigned he and it worthy of notable attention. Last check had Bride of Krakenstein in the top thirty audio book sales for genetic engineering science fiction. And now you can get the stories separately with movie industry intros or the whole collection without the intros (because there’s a size limit with files for print books and both Sinbad Forever and Krakenstein Chronicles hit it and had to have the extra non-story stuff dropped to fit.))

Also on the way Audible-wise are Blood Ridge, Playing With Reality and Nakedman Volume 2.

WRITING update

The next collection will be entitled Six Kinds of Crazy and it will feature six already completed, though not yet edited and proofed, stories, joined mainly by their decidedly alternative perspectives on so-called reality.

  • Conspiracy Run, a novella about an eccentric and paranoid young woman who reluctantly abducts a clueless fellow driver while on the run from mysterious forces because she has the bodies of two Men in Black in her trunk.
  • Mercury Station, a futuristic SF short story about strange beings rising up from beneath the surface of the innermost planet to confront an equator-circling facility of human miners.
  • The Greed Bug, a possibly novella-length tale of a shrewd and determined detective in search of a seemingly intangible serial killer of billionaires, whose weapon of choice seems to be nothing more than instilling abject fear. (I say it’s possibly novella-length because right now it’s just a short story but my brother, who acted as my consultant and style advisor on Blood Ridge, has looked it over and decided it needs a significant amount of background expansion…with which I agree since I wrote it as a point to point police procedural and didn’t throw in much “leisure” at the time.)
  • Tickles, a weird little story that revolves around the power of suggestion upon an adult who, as a toddler, was told by joking uncles that the knotted cutoff ends of the woven cotton clothesline cords they were trimming were something to dread.
  • Beneath Still Waters, about someone determined to see a lake monster getting exactly what they want…and a harrowing good deal more.
  • The Bigfoot Workout Plan, a decidedly NON-NON-fiction account of what it’s like to be hazed by one of the mysterious forest dwellers who just happens to have a rather twisted sense of humor.

Expect those last two in February as well as

Super SF Double Feature 5: Beneath Still Waters and The Bigfoot Workout Plan

That’s all for now. Keep reading and listening and my eternal thanks for your interest.