The Ghost Phone series

Wherein old telephones that shouldn’t work in fact do, and connect you to the minds of people who are no longer alive…or are they? In this anything goes series, “good” and “evil” spirits are making calls to living people and effectively manipulating the modern world even though they’re long gone from it…at least physically.

The first story, “The Professor’s Gambit,” plays like an action thriller with a science fiction bent as Time Weathers, stranded motorist, answers a call from none other than Albert Einstein and gets sent off to save the world from reckless black ops experimenters. The second, “Threadcutters,” is a gritty road tale featuring far less heroic characters than Time–a “sorta” couple comprised of two cut rate thieves who wind up on a hunt for a long lost stash of frontier loot. Think Fargo, TV series or movie, and you get the vibe of this sharp change in both mood and genre. And the third goes its own way as well: “Occam’s Shaving Kit” is styled in the mystery classic “a group of strangers meets in an isolated setting under mysterious circumstances” format that goes back a long ways in both literature and video…except what’s going on at the remote castle in the English tidal basin isn’t at all what it seems. And all three of these stories, as well as future installments, are connected in a grand scheme that will gradually be revealed.

Note: This series is NOT connected to either Ghost Hunter or Bob the Interdimensional Trucker: Ghost in the Sky beyond the word “ghost.” Ghost Hunter is the prequel to the Piper Gods novella series and the Bob thing is pure coincidence and lack of a better word…”Spirit in the Sky” would not have worked right on several levels.