Bob the Interdimensional Trucker

The drivers of Roads Unlimited are a special breed. Dealing with monsters, aliens, ghosts and other craziness tends to make for a pretty unusual set of skills–if one survives to develop them. Seven drivers feature in this ongoing series of mostly unconnected tales of the rolling “twilight zone,” where reality and the surreal often find themselves merged into the same lane. Join Sam Gage in the first installment, “Ghost in the Sky,” as he tries to figure out why the stranded motorist he picked up seems to come with a soundtrack–the drone of a small plane engine that appears to just be in Gage’s head. Next up, in “Shadow Legion,” Gage’s fellow driver Zep “ZC” Carter finds the mysterious moving carnival called “the Bizarre” that he’s been hearing about for years…or has it found him? And brand new on audio from the same great voice of Nathan Lujan, driver Aurora Hayes is stuck with a scary little monster hitchhiker–that guy in the Kendall R. Hart logo–and running from the monster’s deadly owner in “Diabala’s Messenger.”

And on the way on audio but already available

in Kindle and paperback: