21st Century Radio Theater

More to come very soon, but these are available now: Relive the days of radio mystery/thriller theater in your car or home with these brand new AUDIO BOOK short stories and novellas. Imp and The Ether Bunny are featured in the collection A Year in the Borderlands, which is coming soon in full length as well. Yeah, they’re all on Kindle too, of course. And It’s Only Funny If You Laugh is from the collection Playing With Reality, so three of the four of these can be found in Kindle as well as print. As for The Night Has a Thousand Wings, that is available on Kindle but will soon be featured in a new anthology centered around campfire tales.Short Story ACX ad.jpg

In addition to these novellas and short stories, the following full-length novels on audio are in the final stages of release as well:

Little Women with Big Guns – featuring a thrilling and hilarious narrative by Steve Wannall.

Beware the Invisigoths!

Little Women with Big Guns Cover for ACX


Sinbad and the Argonauts – first in the Sinbad Forever Trilogy, brought to you via the fine talents of trilogy narrator Bridger Conklin. Humor and adventure abound, brought to life in the grand tradition of the Harryhausen classic movies.


Sinbad and the Argonauts Cover for ACX


Here’s a double feature: A pair of stories from A Year in the Borderlands. In Suckers, a hurricane uproots some escaped hybrid “land squids” and sends them ashore to wreak havoc on mostly evacuated Florida vacation homes. A thief has a choice: Become a hero…or become food. In Lost Horizons Travel Agency, a greedy futuristic executive plots to rewrite the past by jumping ship on a time-traveling excursion vessel.


Suckers LHTA Cover for ACX.jpg


Well on the way in addition to these works are audio versions of:

Krakenstein vs. Koalatron

Weedeaters: The Complete Acropalypse

Nakedman: Uncomfortable Tales of Epic Adventure.


Still up for narrative grabs: The Piper Gods series’ first installment, Aramander and the Mist, and the first Dragon’s Game Trilogy series book, Mushroom Summer. FYI I prefer to have one narrator do any given series when possible.