Little Women with Big Guns: Because Frontier Girls vs. Vampires Would Have Been Too Easy

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If you look at the great Kent Hill cover and that title, the first thing you might logically  think is, “The writer saw that movie Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and is just playing off the whole thing with monsters of some kind against tough frontier sisters”.

Not even close.

Featuring a foreword by Michael Davis, writer director of Shoot ‘Em Up, and inspired by W.D. Richter cinema epics, particularly The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, Little Women with Big Guns is a fast-paced and highly unpredictable action tale involving a modern day teleportation experiment that doesn’t quite work as expected. But the time-space escapades that initiate the story are just that: a starting point for wild adventure in not one but two different planes of existence, one of them inhabited almost solely by a banished cult of European Visigoths. And these are no mere blade-wielders but technologically advanced warriors, riding atop gravity-defying discs–while INVISIBLE! Their dread queen Nihilani and her warped alchemist Pageen seek to conquer our world and reclaim it as their own, leaving Earth’s ultimate fate in the uncertain hands of a modern day freelance journalist, a Martian-Earthling cyborg from the future, a gritty farm girl from 1868 New Mexico Territory and a “dead” scientist.


Tilted Amos for pic.jpg

“Amos”, the Antarean one-person spacecraft (Ship by Kevin Candela, everything else in image by kind courtesy of Matthew Vaughn).


Little Women with Big Guns – Artwork by Matthew Vaughn

(From left: Joliane “Liane” Lecroix, Dr. Elizabeth “Eliza” Shandrach, A.M.E.E., Margaret “Mag” Tracer)