Krakenstein: Up From the Depths

Looks like goofy fun? It’s not. It’s scary, serious fun. Good intentions aside, to what lengths might well-meaning environmental scientists go these days to get the power to do what they want to do–clean up the planet? This may look like a lark but it’s serious stuff, and features a great foreword from the director of Galaxina and The Incredible Melting Man, Mr. William Sachs.

And yes, there will be sequels. The winner of this contest has to battle a titanic tardigrade. Look ’em up. And then Rodan? Doubt it but I could say Toho kinda owes me after lifting a few ideas and scenes from my 1999 U.S. Library of Congress screenplay for “Godzilla vs. the Thing”. Oh well, I owe them too–they informed my childhood.

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