Krakenstein: The Next Regeneration

Twenty years later, Krakey is still at it. In the sequel trilogy, he’s got lots more work to do to fix up a world that he couldn’t come close to saving as a human scientist. But as a gigantic monster he seems to have at least an outside chance–he’s a player, anyway.

The final installment in the Krakenstein saga, the upcoming Krakenstein Conquers the World, will pit him against the worst monster of all–our own crazed species, or at least the scary part of it.

Honored and thrilled to have the esteemed gaming artist Bradley K. McDevitt as the creator of all the series’ front cover images and titles. The back cover gibberish is by the writer.

The Original Krakenstein Trilogy

K vs. K Cover Wrap V3 new border

Revenge of Krakenstein Cover Wrap for Createspace.jpg

Bride of Krakenstein Cover Wrap.jpg

Krakenstein vs. Koalatron Cover for ACX.jpg

Revenge of Krakenstein Cover for ACX.jpg

Bride of Krakenstein Cover for ACX.JPG