The Drive-In Movie Listening Experience

The Super SF Double Feature series is designed with the intention of providing the reader and/or audio listener with the feel of going to a drive-in double feature, right down to the intermission in the middle. Two stories of short story to novella length, translating to approximately “standard movie length” as audio, with some sort of a connecting theme between the tales (although that may be as generic as “they’re both science fiction” or as specific as “they’re both about cryptozoological creatures.”)

More on the way, but for the moment here are the seven you can pick up on Kindle or via Audible. The SF DF series is not yet available in print, although the stories from the first five can be found in the short story/novella collections A Year in the Borderlands (SF DF 1 and SF DF 2) and Lost Radio (SF DF 3, SF DF 4 and SF DF 5.) The latest two, H RRY BACK!/Mercury Station and Chthonos/Souvenir, will be on the next Candela short story collection.