Shadow Pokers: The Real Thing

Can a writer of science fiction and fantasy also be part of a serious paranormal/supernatural investigation and analysis network?



Shadow Pokers, founded by Craig Mullins and Kevin Candela in 2016, is dedicated to the understanding of the hidden and unknown. Candela brings degrees in both civil and aerospace engineering and nearly two decades’ worth of experience in the design and manufacture of military aircraft (he helped design the flight control systems on the AV-8B Harrier II “v/stol” jet) to the analysis table along with a lifelong fascination with all things unknown. A believer by nature, he feels obliged to be a “filter” these days and is thus highly analytical when it comes to evidence, believing that the only way to get to the reality of it all is to work hard to clear waters that he says are often being deliberately muddied to hide such truths. Shadow Pokers’ equally driven and questing co-founder, Craig Mullins, runs SP and is always on the lookout for real life paranormal accounts to bring to the team. BTW you can JOIN the team if you’re serious about this stuff. But only if you’re serious. Wags and skeptics have plenty of other venues available that will tolerate them much better than Shadow Pokers–because the paranormal is no joke.

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