Previews of Coming Attractions

There are pretty much always new stories on the way. Here are a few in the works.

Krakenstein Conquers the World

In the finale of the six story, two trilogy saga of the scientist who became a giant squidman and tried to save the world, Krakenstein is up against his greatest and most dangerous enemy: humans. That’s right, with the country’s leadership gone America has fallen into the hands of military despots and the world is leaning toward following suit. No longer up against giant monsters as such, just a few powerful tiny ones who hide well and have lots of clout, the Big Squidheaded Guy is about to engage in a one-monster war that really doesn’t seem to be something he can win. Of course he’s got a few “enemies” as friends–the humans who have supported him all along. But it’s still going to be one titanic challenge.


Aboard a huge scientific laboratory platform hovering some fifteen miles above the Earth’s lands and seas, something strange is happening–people are seeing through other people’s eyes. Is it a psychological phenomenon? A viral infection? Or something even stranger? Yeah, probably that last thing. This story is already at 7,000 words or so and is just getting started, so it may well end up as a full length novel.

The Greed Bug

Something is killing off greedy, ruthless billionaires in the safety and security of their own penthouses and mansions. In fact it seems to be scaring them to death. A private investigator of a not too far distant future is engaged to figure out how these impossible murders–for that’s what they seem to be–are taking place. This one’s basically written but needs to be expanded and “flavored” a little more with the futuristic paradigm’s trappings before it’s ready to be published.

Cosmic Thief: Kalyx of Marini

Of all the side characters introduced in Fire Dragon novels, sarcastic and almost absurdly nimble (and cocky) alien adventurer Kalyx of the planet Marini (and of two of the three Sinbad Forever trilogy novels) is easily one of the writer’s favorites. This completed collection features a chronological series of stories detailing Kalyx’s rise from street orphan in a basically medieval human town on a distant world to peer to Earth’s most famous adventurer, Sinbad. Only her origin tale, featured in this collection for the first time, is new–the other stories have previously appeared in a sword and sorcery anthology (second installment, titled “Kalyx and the Spirit Blades”) and an anthology tribute to the legend of that other super-famous Earth adventurer, Zorro (“A Rogue’s Insurgence,” from Star-Fox: Adventures of Zorro Across Time, Space and Dimension.) After that third tale, Kalyx jumps into the Sinbad Forever trilogy narrative, so you can follow the rest of her strange planet-hopping saga there.


A lava rock paperweight contains something so terrifying and threatening that the reason it’s in there in the first place was that it was flung into an active volcano centuries earlier by fearful natives. Naturally, the various owners who come into possession of the “plain old rock” have no clue that it’s accessing their minds and working its nefarious ways upon them. A possible series of short stories, not yet begun but definitely in the scheming stage.

Little Women and Big Monsters

NOT a sequel to Little Women with Big Guns, though that’s coming eventually too. In this one, three sisters with the same names and background as the actual Alcott characters grow up to face down a supernatural terror in a small town. Not started yet either–the writer has to read the novel first, because all he did to study up for LWWBG was watch the Katharine Hepburn movie. The idea, since this time it’s based more on the actual literary fiction characters, will be to distill their personalities into a “what if” scenario that will hopefully be entertaining and imaginative.