Previews of Coming Attractions

Coming soon: Yet another Super SF Double Feature or two or three, with the first featuring the gaseous horror called “VaporVapor Cover for Kindle.jpgThat one will be paired up with a sort of variation of the classic “arctic monster on the loose” story entitled “Chiller” that revolves around the disturbance of an ancient lifeform far beneath the Antarctic ice.

More installments in the Piper Gods series are done and in proof mode, so expect those on Kindle every few weeks.

A third Nakedman novella, Public Spectacle, involves our daring but threadbare hero running for president to try to save us from ourselves…and aliens too…oh, and his annoying new superfoe.

Everybody’s Revenge, a.k.a. Little Women With Even Bigger Guns, will focus on the aftermath of the Invisigoth invasion and detail Eliza Shandrach’s rebellious exploits as she, Liane, Amee and Mag try to permanently shut down the world’s all-consuming war machine.

Terraforma has a sort of Firefly/Ghosts of Mars feel as it concerns a caretaker squad whose task of observing the human society on Earth’s first terraformed world leads them to uncover a terrifying secret that they are duty-bound not to report but obliged to expose because of its extremely dire implications.

Different Reasons, a four-novella collection, is more than just me borrowing and paying tribute to yet another Stephen King collection concept/title: But here I’m not doing horror as such…or SF, necessarily (okay, once)…or fantasy, at least not in the traditional sense. These are meant to be (often dark) humor and the four are titled as follows:

Hold ‘Em is a modern day version of Rio Bravo, set in a rundown former resort area and featuring females in most of the lead roles.

The Ideal Solution – In which un-copyrighted fictional legends all end up in a mysterious futuristic setting with no idea how they got there or why…or what to do about it.

Caffiends – The town of Carefree has signed up to do without coffee, tea and soft drinks across the board in order to get a reality TV series that will basically boost the community in a sizable monetary sense. But will they survive? They can’t even leave town and come back…that’s the rule.

Folks in Black – Grigno, a Meristrophean captured by the creepy alien-human organization without a name, warns of an imminent Meristrophean invasion—a breaking of the borders between dimensions that will open the doors for a takeover by a horrific hierarchy of entities a la Lovecraft.