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The stamp of rousing quality entertainment. KHP, a.k.a. Kent Hill Productions, is the publisher of a majority of Kevin Candela’s works (listed below). Kent Hill, the Man with the Plan, is very active on the website Podcasting Them Softly, frequently interviewing the cinematic legends of past, present and future. And he writes too! See the KHP promo images at the bottom. Many thanks to KHP and Kent for all the help, promo, TRAILERS and much, much more.

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In the series opener, Sinbad and fellow mythological legend Jason meet and take on a shape-shifting Circe the Sorceress and Jason’s own estranged wife Medea, Circe’s granddaughter, who is leading an army of monsters on a quest of global conquest.

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As the trilogy continues Sinbad sets off on a mission to find his long-lost father, the “original” Sinbad. But his search will take the world’s best known sailor far from the world he knows–and hot on his trail is a vengeful wielder of dark spells.


The trilogy finale, completed and due soon, features Sinbad and company flung back to the Triassic Era and fighting tooth-and-claw-and-nail for survival against dinosaurs as common in that age as humans in their own. To make matters worse for the time-lost adventurers, the relentless Circe–transformed into a titanic spell-casting pterosaur–has been sent back by the evil deity Sin, her new master, to end their lives. Prepare for the ultimate showdown between legends and monsters:

Sinbad at the Dawn of Time


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