The Dragon’s Game Trilogy

Dragon's Game Board with Card Spaces

Okay folks, here it is–the story I HAD to tell. Like George Lucas had to do the prequels, for which I will be eternally grateful (also The Clone Wars animated series).

It’s even got this neat board game on the way, with the board basically done and “only” the game cards and rules to go.

The trilogy is a tale of two worlds, a distant one called Gavelin (after Darrin McGavin of Kolchak: The Night Stalker fame) and our own modern day weird Earth. A handful of characters span the entire saga, but as you can see this is an epic with many characters along the lines of a new era Lord of the Rings. Monsters, shadow masters, mastering the powers of our minds–all this and much, much more.

Don’t get me wrong, I mean everything I publish–even the humorous stuff like Nakedman and The Oz Files–but this is my statement. If you believe in conspiracies, particularly the X-Files/Chris Carter global control stuff, well…that’s in here. If you think immortals may live among us, that’s in the trilogy as well. And if you, like Terence McKenna, believe that sentience (and possibly extraterrestrial intelligence) may be found in the networks/mycelium of fungus, hey–it’s all right there in the title of the first book. Sorta.  Either way, this is a ride you probably won’t find anywhere else.

Like all my works, you’ll find these under my name at





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