The Piper Gods Novella Series


Stiffed contractor or scheming mass child abductor?

Did he send the rats in ahead of time? Were there rats at all?

Where did he lead the children of Hamelin in 1284, and what happened to them?

And to paraphrase the last line of Ancient Aliens‘ introduction…


In the Piper Gods series, the answer to that last question “is a profound ‘yes.'”

(Excuse yet another borrow from the show, I’m a big time Ancient Aliens fan.)

Are there aliens, you ask? Yep. And black-eyed people (the “tregathi”) and shadow people and Sumerian sorcerers (who are also pop divas) and black ops creeps and immortals with invisible flying crystal ships and…

Well, I could go on and on but that’s it – there’s really too much in these to do descriptions here. Time travel is a major part of the series, as the Piper’s appearance in 1284 is echoed by the year he was immortalized in poem (1482, no kidding) and the year of his return: 2148 A.D.

When you do this many stand-alone stories, you end up with LOTS of characters, and in the Piper Gods series the gallery of the good, the bad and the prodigy includes a global age-spanning cast…and others.

Enough background. Here are the covers for the first eight installments. Five are out already, nine stories are finished and the tenth is in work.Piper Gods Series Covers 1-8.jpg

Roberto Guiseppe Antonio Polito very, very kindly allows me to use his digital artwork wonders as backgrounds for these. Check out his stuff on Facebook, it’s so cool.

The first four novellas are already available in print as Legacy, with the second four to be collected as Prophecy and the final set as Ultimacy (yeah, it’s a word…I looked it up because I wanted it to end with -cy like the other two.)

Legacy - Piper Gods Vols. 1 Through 4 PRINT COVER.jpg

Excuse the different cover on Chance, it has been changed because when I got to the point of writing Moonlight and the Phases I realized that piece of art–moon over dark water–belonged there rather than with Chance and the Longshots. I’ll be updating this collection cover soon…like today if I have time (9/10/19)…so if you buy it now you get a “collector’s item” cover in print. But if you wait a few days you can get the “final” cover, so your choice. For my part, I have a copy of Heart’s third album, Magazine, that has the band’s disclaimer of involvement on it because they were in a dispute with their record label or something. I treasure it even though its version of the song “Heartless” isn’t quite as good as the one they subbed in when they finally settled the issue. Very good album either way…their first four were fantastic records, but they kind of lost me with “These Dreams.”

Finally, here’s a little table showing significant facts about the series, including the “revolutionary bands and artists” who get a mention or a nod in each book as well as the Piper’s instruments, each of which is featured on a different cover.

Volume 1: Aramander and the Mist                                    Harmonica          The Doors

Volume 2: Xyla and the Sirens                                              Bongos               The Who

Volume 3: Chalcedony and the Truth                                  Recorder            Jefferson Airplane

Volume 4: Chance and the Longshots                                  Piano                  Bob Dylan

Vols. 1 to 4 collected as Legacy for Kindle, also available in print

Volume 5: Destiny and the Shapes of Things                       Syrinx                  The Yardbirds

Volume 6: Harmony and the Convergents                            Lute                     Grateful Dead

Volume 7: Trinity and the Cosmic Medicine Show             Flute                     The Band

Volume 8: Moonlight and the Phases                                    Trumpet               Janis Joplin

Vols. 5 to 8 to be collected as Prophecy and released in Kindle and print versions

Volume 9: Nisha and the Revolution Blues                          Double Bass         Neil Young

Volume 10: Johnny Winston and the Freedom Surfers     Lyre                       The Beatles

Volume 11: The Traveler and the Incredible Beyond        Violin                     Jimi Hendrix

Volume 12: Eternity and the Immortal Riff                          Guitar                   Rolling Stones

Vols. 9 to 12  to be collected as Ultimacy and released in Kindle and print versions




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